Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We head further North to a camp at Melville Caves.  

Melville Caves are located in the Kooyoora State Park and has huge granite boulders thought to have been once used as a hideout for the bushranger ‘Captain Melville’.

The boulders seem as if they have dropped out of the sky and landed on the ground

There are several very interesting walk trails in the park.  Also interesting who you might bump into on the walk trails:)

According to Bear Grills this two arms held out stretched such as this is the international distress call for 'Help'

As it was, although it was a big jump down from that rock, I thought I might need help to get down but I was brave enough to climb down around 2.5 feet and scale into this cave.

Well ello down there......!

The famous Seal Rock

There are lots of places where someone could hid and the ground is quite elevated so you can see who is coming.  Which is why it would have been perfect for the fugitive Captain Melville.

Ello, ello, ello Captain Melville I presume?

Sometimes I just like to sit and wonder.......

which direction we will head tomorrow??

Well another rock to hide behind eh Captain?

Just a little bit moooooore!!!!!

Great! Now I have to put it back thanks Karen!

And at the same time this one has to be rolled down the hill!!  Phew, I have to do all the big jobs!

I affectionately like to call this one Moby Dick!

And this one scarey!

If you look closely you can see that I moved this one with my mind

Ahh who dat der

What chew looking at buddy! Just cause I'm a Rock Wallaby you don't have to stare!

Now that's a nice sight!

Now we understand how all these rocks got where they are and how they are positioned..... It was aliens!!  We found this giant alien head on one of our walks!!

Karen watch out it might still be alive!

Nah he's definitely not

one small step for man

One giant leap for mankind

Now that one's jammed in nice and tight eh!

and yet another place to hide

and yet another international signal as per Bear Grills

and the rocks go on,,,,,,

and on.....

Definitely alien activity going on here!

and as the sun sets on another perfect All Aussie Adventure day....

The howling wolf, guitar, chair and buckets come out to play and play and play. Until people started throwing stuff :)

Then it was you know what...

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  1. Guys that was Rockin!!!!!! haha love ya work
    Keep the travel log going, I hear Getaway are searching for you two to be there next presenters of the Australian Outback Series. :)